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Learn how to stay COVIDsafe

Industry specific best practices based on public health guidelines

How it works

How COVIDsafe works

Guidelines are provided by federal and local governing bodies (CDC, Health Canada)

Medical professionals

Alongside medical professionals and trade associations we create best practices based on these guidelines specific to each service industry (from plumbing to hair salons)

Create a profile

Businesses are able to create a free profile and confirm which best practices they are following to keep their customers, employees, and community safe, and upload supporting pictures

COVIDsafe badge

You can now easily see what they're doing and feel safe and confident transacting with them

COVIDsafe search

You can search directly on COVIDsafe.Services for businesses who have implemented safety policies

Why COVIDsafe?

It can be difficult to know what a business is doing to keep you safe. We help solve this.

Communicate best practices

Easy to understand, easy to stay safe

We help businesses easily communicate their best practices with you so you can feel safe and confident transacting with them.

Standardized best practices

Standardized best practices

All best practices are standardized to remove ambiguity and subjectivity, businesses select the policies they have implemented to be displayed on their profile page.

Free usage

Free to use

COVIDsafe Services is an impartial and free to use tool, businesses do not and cannot pay for premium placements, profiles, or badges.

Look for the COVIDsafe Services Badge

Merchants with the COVIDsafe badge on their website have confirmed that they have taken steps to address safety as part of the operations. Customers can easily know exactly what a merchant is doing to keep them safe by clicking on their badge to view the merchant's COVIDsafe profile.

If you would like to raise a complaint or flag regarding the merchant's compliance with COVIDsafe standards, please contact us below

CovidSafe Services Badge in use

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Review and Implement Safety Recommendations


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The guidelines are gathered from federal and provincial governing bodies and trade associations, with the help of medical professionals we curate the best practices for each industry.

Customers can submit issues on the site and a member from our team will look into the issue. Businesses who are failing to follow best practices will have their badges removed, profile flagged, and reported to the respective governing body.