COVIDsafe Services

About Us

We want to help small businesses and their customers feel safe and secure again.

About COVIDsafe Services

COVIDsafe Services is an initiative built by the team at OneLocal. With years of experience helping small to medium-sized businesses with their marketing, our experts are always looking for the best ways to help companies create long-lasting and sustainable customer relationships.

That’s why we want to help both small businesses and their customers stay ahead of the curve in response to the COVID‑19 pandemic. In our current climate of uncertainty, ensuring that businesses are taking steps to be COVIDsafe is paramount. By making customers aware of these best practices, we also want to help them feel like they are in safe hands when they’re ready to come back to their favorite local businesses.

The Effects of COVID‑19

COVID‑19 (coronavirus disease) continues to have devastating socioeconomic consequences across the globe. For many small to medium-sized businesses, the effects have been massive — forced closures and reduced hours have caused a substantial disruption to regular operations and services.

Naturally, companies that offer products and services to the small business market may be working to identify the most frictionless way to return to their normal operations. Customers also might be wondering how and when it will be safe to consult their favorite services again — all while mitigating any potential risks.

The Recovery

As we work to recover from the damage caused by COVID‑19, small businesses will need to make sure they are following the best safety practices with all future customer interactions. Likewise, customers will need to confirm that their favorite local services are undergoing all possible safety measures for their peace of mind.

By providing a transparent database of the best safety guidelines for each type of industry (backed up by all recent government support initiatives), COVIDsafe aims to serve as a comprehensive resource for both small businesses and their customers in a post-COVID climate.

Our Response

Our team has spent the last few weeks collaborating with industry associations, advisory groups and our local teams to develop a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures (SOP) for various types of industries and make them accessible for everyone.

Following guidelines from IPAC (Canada), US (CDC) and Australian guidelines, COVIDsafe’s goal is to equip businesses and customers with all that is needed to transact safely following the aftershocks of COVID‑19.