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Get COVIDsafe Approved

Are you a small business?
Here’s how you can show your customers that you’re staying COVIDsafe.

How Can I Get COVIDsafe Approved?

If you are a small business owner and have reviewed the best practices for your industry, you’ll want your customers to know that you’ll be putting those best practices in action. By adding a COVIDsafe Services Badge to your website, they’ll be reassured that your services are smooth sailing and safe going forward.

That’s why we want to help both small businesses and their customers stay ahead of the curve in response to the COVID‑19 pandemic. In our current climate of uncertainty, ensuring that businesses are undergoing all of the right safety requirements post-COVID is paramount. By making customers aware of these requirements, we also want to help them feel like they are in safe hands when they’re ready to come back to their favorite local services.

Get the COVIDsafe Services Badge

Once you have created an account and are a COVIDsafe Approved Business, you’ll be granted a badge that can be placed on your website. You’ll also be given a COVIDsafe profile page, which will outline your safe practices for your customers to review.


Accredited & Trusted Business

  • Enforce social distancing in all shared areas
  • Cleaning and sanitizing practices being enforced in all vehicles prior to pick-up
  • Safe technician and client check-in processes
  • Appropriate scheduling times limiting unnecessary interactions between clients
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