COVIDsafe Services

Retail Store Guidelines


  • Contactless payment and form submission
  • Employees wear adequate personal protective equipment
  • Cleaning and sanitizing practices being enforced in all shared areas

Safety Recommendations

  • Hand sanitizer is provided upon entrance - located next to the door with clear signage, to ensure that all customers, visitors and employees properly sanitize their hands as they enter.

  • Hygiene products are readily available, including alcohol based hand sanitizers and disposable disinfectant wipes.

  • Social distancing protocol:

    • Maintain at least a 6 foot distance amongst each other and within shared areas. Spaces should be clearly labeled by visual markings.

    • Provide a virtual waiting room to manage the flow of customers and visitor arrivals.

    • Employees standing in the designated smoking area must also be at least 6 feet apart.

  • Customer flow is managed by limiting the number of clients in a store at a time. If the store is at capacity, allow space for customers to queue outside the store at distances marked 6 feet apart.

    • It is recommended to provide a virtual waiting room to manage the flow of customers and visitor arrivals.

  • If possible, the workplace is reconfigured to maintain appropriate distance between employees and store visitors. This can include reorganizing the floorspace/casing so that clients and staff are safely distanced from each other and can navigate through the retail space safely.

    • One approach to this could be limiting the amount of products on display in showrooms, relying on technology to instead display the inventory and pricing. This method could also provide much more floor space to accommodate social distancing measures.

  • Increase sanitization is in effect of all high touch areas with proper disinfectants. Gloves are also provided to clients that handle any inventory.

  • Walk-in clients are provided sanitizer to disinfect hands upon entry to the store. All clearly marked distances are placed throughout the store to ensure social distancing can be achieved.

  • One-way guides are setup throughout the store to help with traffic flow and allow limited client to client interaction.

  • Plexiglass barriers are installed in front of payment areas as an efficient way to achieve proper physical distancing measures. This material also allows them to be easily sanitized with disinfectant regularly.

  • Contactless payment solutions are the default payment method to limit any physical contact with employees. Alternatively, online invoicing solutions are also offered.

    • Your payment management system provider should be able to provide further details and options for setting this up.

    • Covering contactless payment pads with soft plastic to ensure the surface can easily be wiped down.

  • Satisfaction surveys around service and adherence to COVIDSafe measures are sent to the customer following the pick-up to ensure standards were met.


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